We are in England, at the beginning of the 20th century, a period of notorious and pioneering advances in science and investigation have led to the development of men with supernatural powers. The limits of science have been overtaken, and now they wonder what can be done with their magnificent gifts. In order to counteract those who use their powers for the benefit of evil, her Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria, has decided to act, and has enlisted the philanthropist and chemical engineer Ernest Solvay, to recruit the most loyal and capable men to her cause. So began one of the most exciting and bloody wars humanity has ever known.


The set up / layout is simple:

· Download the following files Cards.pdf and Reverse_Cards.pdf.

· Print on cardboard or paper at least 120grams The 6 sheets size DIN A3 in color, on one side, the reverse is the same for all the cards, and on the other side the 6 sheets of cards.

· Ask the print shop to cut them along the dotted lines, or cut them yourself with a pair of scissors or cutter.

· Laminate them or put them into a transparent holder (optional).

You are ready to play.

The rules are easy and simple. Download the following file Rules.pdf on to your smartphone so you can have a look whenever you need to, or print them.

If you have any questions or comments, email us: info@laligasolvay.com.es